There is enough difficulty when a child lacks resources. 97% of low-income students rely on school for internet access, but 40 million students do not have high-speed Internet in school.  In schools made up of 75% or more low-income students, there are 3 times the number of out-of-field teachers than in wealthier school districts.

The pandemic has made it harder for children in low income homes to keep up with their fellow classmates. Schooling at home only works well in homes that are able to provide resources.

García, Weiss, and Engdahl (2020) show that nearly 16% of eighth graders, or one in six who participated in the National Center for Education Statistics’ National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) for 2017, do not have a desktop or laptop computer at home on which to follow their classes. And a small fraction of eighth graders, 4.2%, lack home internet, the other essential instrument for remote study.